10 Best Landscape Photography Locations in Cornwall, UK

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#2 Trebarwith Strand

best landscape photography locations in cornwall

This is one of my favourite places to photograph in north Cornwall. Located just south of Tintagel’s legendry castle ruins, low tide reveals a large sandy bay contained by high, towering cliffs. There are dark, natural caves to be found and explored; while a stream flows down to the beach, carving its way through the rock. Out to sea is Gull rock, which provides a distant focal point in wide-angle shots. Trebarwith is another excellent sunset location. From spring until autumn, the sun remains visible until the moment it disappears below the horizon, enabling photographers to capture wonderful warm sunlight. However, in order to control the level of contrast, you will need graduated ND filters – alternatively try exposure blending. The afterglow here can be spectacular, with colour filling the sky and reflecting off the water and shiny slate rock – so don’t head home too soon. Personally, I favour either a very high or low-tide when visiting.

#3 Bedruthan Steps

best landscape photography locations in cornwall

The north Cornish coastline is wild and imposing, with Bedruthan Steps being the jewel in the crown. Located just north of Newquay, there are National Trust car parks at both Carnewas and Park Head, and the coastline stretching between these two points is among the finest you will see anywhere. Park at the main Carnewas car park, where there is café and toilets. From here, join the coast-path and walk north. The views are spectacular throughout the year. In stormy weather, massive waves will crash against the large sea stacks located on the beach below. At low water, a large and inviting sandy beach is revealed, which can be accessed by a steep staircase. I prefer the cliff top views, though, with the elevation providing far-reaching views – both north and southwest – along the Cornish coast. Evening light is best and, during spring, thrift – or sea pinks – adorn the cliff tops.

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