10 Best Places for Landscape Photography in South Wales

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#2 Tenby

Tenby is one of those places I absolutely adore and never get tired of visiting, even on the rainiest of days! It’s absolutely packed in the summer months due to it being a highly regarded holiday destination and the whole town is geared up for tourism, it truly is a classically British bucket and spade location. It’s also a mecca for artists and painters alike, that’s not surprising really, the chocolate box view of the harbour is extremely beautiful with many buildings differing in pastel hues creating a colourful tapestry.

best photography locations south wales

#3 Rhossili

It’s a bit cliché to say, but the first view you’ll see of Rhossili beach will really take your breath away! That’s mainly down to getting over the vastness of it; there’s no denying it is one huge beach! A three mile long beach on its own won’t grab too much interest, so thankfully there’s plenty of great locations around here to get your photographic juices flowing – including nearby Worm’s Head and the lovely heather moorland of Rhossili Down. 

best photography locations south wales

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