10 Best Places for Landscape Photography in South Wales

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#4 Nash Point

An extremely photogenic yet compact stretch of coastline and a place synonymous with photographers; the iconic bay of Nash Point on the Glamorgan heritage coast is a superb location to place your tripod. A rocky wave cut platform, peppered with pools and gullies covers the bay. Backed by ever growing in size pebbles and boulders leading up to the towering Sphynx-like rocky headland of Nash Point standing proud above in a fully loaded scene of raw geology and nature.

best photography locations south wales

#5 Marloes

Another of Pembrokeshire’s impressive beaches, Marloes beach is located on the western edge of the national park. This mile long curved stretch of golden sand is dotted with sporadic, rocky outcrops and rock pools full of life and interest. While it can be a very serene and calm place to be, Marloes does take the full force of Atlantic storms in winter so can be pretty spectacular with white water stretching out to sea. Marloes, and the peninsula surrounding it, is also a fabulous place for flora and fauna throughout the year. There are wild flowers throughout the spring, seals in autumn, and also birds of prey such as Kestrel & Peregrine nesting along the cliffs. 

best photography locations south wales

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