5 Smart Tips to Improve Your Photography

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1. Mentor

One of the best things that happened to my photography was David Thompsontaking me under his wing. There are several photographers I look up to and seek input and feedback from, but David is who I consider my mentor and who helps me on a daily basis. I’m not talking about someone you can show an image to in order to receive a pat on the back and some encouragement to keep going forward, I’m talking about finding someone you admire and trust, that cares enough about your work to pick it apart and tell you everything that is wrong with it.

different tips to improve your photography

Before I met David, I thought I knew a lot and thought I was pretty good, because I wasn’t seeing much I could improve on. Having David’s eyes was a huge awakening for me because he could see everything I was blind to and opened my own eyes to what I needed to work and improve on. I love David’s work so I trust his opinions and his criticism enough to follow it even if I do not quite understand it or grasp it at the time. I know he will never lead me down the wrong path or criticize my work merely out of jealousy or to put me down. This is extremely important to consider when seeking for a mentor.

(Fun Fact: I now call David “Morpheus” for waking me up to reality and opening my eyes)

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