5 Smart Tips to Improve Your Photography

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2. Study

Always remain a student. Even the best photographers out there look at other photographers’ work on a consistent basis to receive inspiration. I got a lot more out of seeing other photography when I began to study it and dissect it. By looking at photographs I liked for more than just 30 seconds.

I have spent hours and hours looking at images from photographers I look up to like David Thompson, Alex Noriega, and Marc Adamus. I think about things like “what was going through their mind when they were choosing this composition? Why this? Why that? What is the light like? Why these colors? How do these choices they made help the scene to be more powerful? How can I put these things into practice?”

All the great artists, musicians, speakers, teachers, never stopped studying other people’s work. If you want to get better at writing, then you need to be an avid reader. Musicians are always listening to other artists’ music. Film directors are always watching movies. It’s not just about getting inspired and learning things we could do either. We can also learn what we should avoid and what not to do by analyzing the mistakes of others. There are certain photographers whose work I do not like at all that I occasionally refer to in order to stay on the right track and make sure I am still not guilty of the same mistakes.

3. Teach

I am always willing to help others any way I can to improve their photography. Besides it being extremely important to give back after someone else has helped you, it is also a great learning tool

different tips to improve your photography

While explaining things to others and answering their questions, I have come to better understand my own techniques and theories. I have a greater comprehension of principles in photography as they have become clearer and more basic for myself. Learning how to explain things simply will help you understand them on a much deeper level.

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