5 Wedding Photography Tips for beginners

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Tip #1: Donʼt rush into it!

Iʼve seen a lot of bad advice going around lately on Youtube from photographers suggesting that if you havenʼt shot a wedding before, you should just do it. Why not right? Youʼll learn how to do product photography, shoot people, couples and events all in one day and make a ton of money while youʼre at it.

I think this is terrible advice. Firstly, youʼre experimenting with one of the most important days in someoneʼs life in order to gain some experience in photography. If you screw up, you could potentially ruin the memories from their day and they wonʼt have images to remember it by.

Secondly, in photography, your name is everything. Itʼs your personal brand, so if you make a mess of someoneʼs wedding, you wouldʼve dragged your own name through the dirt and thereʼs no real way to recover from that.

Instead, Iʼd suggest contacting photographers you admire and ask if you could assist them on any of their weddings. Theyʼll more than likely be happy to have you unless they already have someone else. Theyʼre getting a backup and youʼre gaining experience. Itʼs a win-win.

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