How to Create Sun Stars in Landscapes and Avoid Lens Flare

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4. Keep your lens clean

When shooting into the sun you may suddenly notice how dirty the front of your lens may be, as the dust and dirt is lit from behind, causing it to show up on the image as lots of out of focus, bright dots. So rather than cloning out hundreds of dots in Photoshop, a quick wipe with the lens cloth can solve this issue. This goes for filters too! If everything’s clean, you’ll end up with sharp star lines and a clean, clone-free image.

5. Live View could save your eyes!

For these types of shots I always tend to use Live View – the main reason being safety first! It’s much better to look at the sun through your screen than the viewfinder, especially if the sun is strong and high in the sky. Another benefit is you can visualise the sun star’s shape more easily by pressing in the depth of field preview button. Also, you can make small adjustments to the camera’s position for the best effect.

how to shoot sun stars in landscape photos

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