How to Photograph Flowers in a Landscape Scene

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include flowers in landscape photos

Timing is an important consideration for a number of reasons. For example, some flowers don’t open fully until the sun is high in the sky, while others follow the sun’s path in order to stay facing the light. Flowers are ephemeral (last for a short amount of time), so it is essential to visit wildflower landscapes when the display is close to its best – or photograph crops before the vast swathes of lavender, sunflower or oilseed rape are harvested. The optimum time can vary one year to the next due to weather and temperature. Therefore – when practical to do so – closely monitor progress by making repeat visits to landscapes where flowers are the integral feature. For example, visit arable land in early summer just when poppies start to bloom and then once they are at their peak, visit when the conditions are most suited. As always, the light’s quality will further enrich your landscape images, so (when possible) shoot in the golden hours near sunrise and sunset.

flowers in landscape photography

Wind speed is another consideration – in blowy conditions, delicate flowers will be wind blown. This will result in subject blur unless your shutter speed is fast enough to prevent this. Ideally, photograph flowers when the wind speed is forecast to be below 10-15mph. In blustery weather, increase ISO speed to generate a sufficiently fast shutter. Alternatively, you may decide that a degree of subject motion is attractive and creative. Much depends on the scene and subject and also personal taste.

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