How to Photograph Flowers in a Landscape Scene

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Flowers can enhance your landscapes in a variety of ways. For example, they can act as an entry point to the landscape beyond, or actually provide the main focus for your shot. The grandeur and impact of a wildflower landscape can be greatly diluted if your composition isn’t carefully structured and thought through, though. Camera height, orientation and perspective are all important considerations and to help you identify just the right shooting angle; I recommend working handheld at first. Doing so will give you added freedom to quickly and instinctively explore various viewpoints unhindered.

flowers in landscape photography
Once you’ve tried various angles and focal lengths, review the results. You can then set up your tripod and closely replicate – and perfect – the composition that you feel works best. Low viewpoints tend to work well, placing emphasis on your colourful foreground. By using an ultra wide-angle – in the region of 17-35mm – and getting close to foreground flowers you will be able to distort perspective and make foreground blooms look larger and more impactful in relation to their surroundings. Tilting your camera slightly downward will help ensure the emphasis remains on your foreground subjects and not on the sky. If you want to emphasize the colour and density of a carpet of flowers, it can be worth selecting a short telephoto length instead and shooting from slightly further away – doing so will foreshorten perspective and exaggerate the intensity of colour.
flowers in landscape photography
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